Breeders & Suppliers of Point of Lay Hens for Sale in Suffolk

We have 17 Point of Lay hen suppliers listed in Suffolk

Packhorse Poultry

Suppliers hybrids and pure breed poultry. Please contact for more information.

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Stradbroke Poultry and Wildfowl

A Range of recycled plastic chickens coops now for sale, collection or delivery, 25 year guarantee, easy to clean and assemble.
Keeping poultry since young age have experience with a wide range of poultry, selling Hatching eggs, chicks, layers and breeding groups.

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Allonsfield Farm

Allonsfield Farm is a therapy farm for a nursing home, where we also breed top quality birds for showing, with a focus on old and traditional breeds of poultry

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Splendid Silkies

I am a small hobby breeder absolutely in love with the silkie breed. My girls are a range of colours including white, lemon, partridge, black and golden. Omlette my cockerel is a handsome tri-colour of brown, red, and black. I sell hatching eggs to order for £2 each available throughout the year. Chicks from day old to point of lay available £10 - £35 each. Please email me for availability.

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Feathers & Fowl Poultry

Here at feathers & fowl poultry our stock consists of fertile hatching eggs , day old chicks sexed and unsexed. Growers that have come off heat also point of lay birds are also available depending on availability

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Beau’s Brahmas

We breed beautiful gold and blue partridge and splash large fowl brahmas. They have been raised free range on our small holding amongst our ponies, ducks and geese. All birds have been handled by our children from hatching onwards and are very friendly and docile. They are fed Allen and Page Smallholder Range quality feed. We sell hatching eggs, chicks, pullets, laying hens and cockerels. Please phone to see what we have available.

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Anglia Poultry

These are MUIRFIELD LAYERS® GENUINE ORIGINAL BLACK ROCK POULTRY. Unique chicks and pullets. We have the only blood line going back over 150 years available in the World. Produced in SCOTLAND by R & A LOVETT. Anglia Poultry are one of our many agents throughout the UK.

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Suffolk and Norfolk Chickens

We sell point of lay hens. Please contact for further information.

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Kersey Livestock

We enjoy our hobby of keeping poultry, quail and ornamental ducks. Do please contact us if you are interested in any of our breeds. We also supply hatching eggs.

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Meadow Family Farm

A small friendly family run farm in Suffolk, with Veterinary Nursing roots. Bringing you quality hens for your garden, to produce yummy eggs for your family.
Meadow chooks are kept free range on grass, looked after by our family and are not commercially bred, hence demand is high and availability can be limited.
Meadow Family Farm also offer you supplies and feed.

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TAS Poultry Services

We sell fertile eggs to order a cross various breeds of chicken and waterfowl
We sell day old chicks, chicks, off heat chicks, pullets and point of lay hens ( again we can hatch to order)
We are open 7 days per week but by appointment only please

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Honeywills Haven

Hatching eggs, chicks, growers, pol. Small hobby breeders of purebred poultry.

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We have been breeding chickens for 3 years now, and have always been improving on our birds, buying foundation birds from quality breeders across the country, to produce young birds that are of good quality and as close to the standard as possible, please feel free to look at our page on facebook and get in contact for rare colours and rare breeds that will be available in 2015.
Alternate phone number 07854 128039

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Kersey Livestock

Hobby breeders of quality pure bred poultry and waterfowl. Hatching eggs.

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Anglia Waterfowl & Poultry suffolk norfolk essex

Based in Needham Market suffolk we supply a range of pure breed rare breed waterfowl & poultry.

We keep everything from Ducks, Chickens, Geese, Quail, Emus, Rheas, Swans, Cranes, Bantams, Guinea fowl, Storks, AND MORE!

Birds available all year aroun

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The Hen House Garden Company

A family run buisness that provides rare breed poultry and excellent customer service and aftercare. All breeds are subject to availability so feel free to ring and discusss the breeds with either Stephen or Carol prior to visiting.

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The Suffolk Chicken Company

The Suffolk chicken company is run from our family farm in Suffolk. We have had years of experience in keeping poultry and take great pride that our chickens are all reared free range on farm from the best breeding stock. We have even created a few of our

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Norfolk 14
Suffolk 17

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