Breeders & Suppliers of Live Poultry for Sale in Nottinghamshire

We have 15 poultry suppliers listed in Nottinghamshire

Willowbrook Poultry

We are a family run smallholding in Nottinghamshire with a love for poultry, who cater for anyone wanting to keep happy chickens at home.

Please call for up to date information on availability and any advice required.

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Helen Stretton

Small scale breeder specialising in quality birds with full after sale service & advice 25 years experience.

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Anns Chooks

Colours and availability change reguarly, please get in touch for an updated list or check the website.

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Meadowfield Gardens

We are a family run smallholding and a camping and caravan site. We rescue ex-battery chickens and now breed hybrid layers and the fancy breeds. We sell eggs, chicks and full grown chickens. Anyone is welcome to visit our site to look at the chickens a

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Quality birds in blacks, blues furnace

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Henlee Chickens

Please check our website to see photos of what we have for sale.

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Craig's Pure Breeds

Quality birds from good laying strains, range of ages and birds available.

Point of lay light sussex and some speckledy pullets for sale
at £10 each.

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Small breeder of quality Pekin bantams, Copper black Maran and Welsummer large fowl. Hatching eggs always available. Chicks, POL and chickens also available. Please call or email to check stock. We sell hen-keeping equipment, supplements, feed and incubation equipment. Please call or check our website for opening times.

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Fallows Poultry

Fully vacinated Point of Lay hybrid chickens for sale. We are also agents for Littleacre products supplying high quality british made affordable poultry houses. We also sell feeders, drinkers and other supplies.

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Beck Lodge Poultry

Small scale poultry breeder, hatching eggs often available, please contact me for availability.

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Hens for Pets

We pride ourselves in selling healthy birds grown outdoors on grass, including organically reared layers. We raise many of the hens ourselves and are here to help you choose the most suitable breed for you. We run free introduction to chicken keeping courses most Saturdays, with ongoing help and advice, at our new Poultry Centre in Ravenshead.

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Pritchards Poultry

We Sell Pure Breed Large Fowl and bantams. Family run!

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Edward Lloyd Poultry

Edward Lloyd Poultry are suppliers of reared poultry and poultry transportation services throughout Nottinghamshire and the rest of the UK.
With over 35 years experience and knowledge in the poultry industry, Edward Lloyd Poultry rear their poultry to the highest of standards, ensuring the wellbeing of all birds.
Healthy and vital birds are a good basis for successful rearing and fattening. Edward Lloyd Poultry realise this and make sure all birds meet the strictest requirements, supplying all customers with healthy, strong birds.

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All birds vaccinated and wormed - Stocks may vary throughout the year depending on availability.

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Maun Valley Quail

Healthy well bred birds from day old chicks to point of lay hens available with friendly advice if required. Please email or text for more information.

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

Backgarden Chickens Poultry Book

Our bestselling book!
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